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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I was just reading a review of Ghost World and thought it's funny. At the end of the review article is:

"So maybe she'll grow up to be a highbrow comic book artist like her creator. That would be fine, but I'd encourage her (still in guidance counselor mode) to consider a different direction. With her impossibly high standards, her cranky disposition and her unshakable (and quite justified) belief in the superiority of her judgments, she'd make a great film critic."

I guess many people love the movie because it is so honest and sharp.
Ghost World

Well, what else can I say but this is totally snafu. To make the story sense a bit, this is an adoptation of a comic book. You know like Megatokyo, American Splender, the comic book has such a distinct culture and extraordinary details of human observation. Simply, the tone of the film is totally different. Why do characters in the story talk like ordinary people next to you? Why do they look so ordinary. Ain't actress and actors supposed to be beautiful, eye-catching?

In some ways, all of what happen in the movie are really scaring. "I think only could the stupid have a good relationship." Perhaps that is true. Relationships. Why do we modern people have such a big problem? The loneliness seems a product of our advances. Is the line of "A Progress Paradox"? Anyway, this is just totally what you have to see.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Something Gotta Give

Well, besides whatever it is, this is funny, very much. Almost every moment in the movie is fraught with laugh. Every character is a good person, likable. More seriously, the story sure has some life lessons. A man who likes women so much that he tries every one he could try and miss the one, the most important one. You see, you know you like that one but how can you be so sure that it is the only one. Only did after you lose it, you come to realize that was the one you really want. Then, a woman, a social animal that refuses to be understood by us. What's wrong with her? Why do they have to make us feel guilty about whatever happens? They don't have to choose to be victimized in any way. Anyhow, a nice movie.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Murder by Numbers

So how does this number thing work? I am the only one who didn't get it? Well, the movie itself surprisingly bad. I think the ideas are not too bad at all. The story is really about peer pressure among high school students. Some are popular, some are smart, some are beautiful. And everyone makes very stupid mistakes. You wish what happened actually hadn't happened at all.

Right, the idea is good. But then beg the question. Why does this need to be a thriller? And most importantly, where are numbers? The movie has good elements, but it doesn't stand as a story at all.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

I really liked a line that unless you know those very little things, you cannot possible love anyone. The movie is in very respects ordinary. You don't see what you didn't expect but the idea you could find in it can be striking, I think. Yes, in some ways, the story is very real.

I wonder if you suffer from autism or autistic traits, how could you possibly see those little things. They are blind to human emotions. No wonder thay have hard time.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Kate Leopold

Nice movie, if you see it as being a romantic comedy. It is adequately done. Characters are funny and some moments are very romantic. And it's not too long as the director struggled to make it. But that is all.

Alas, there is a hidden agenda in this movie, which you might miss but if you realize, which is extraordinaly interesting, fantastic. The story is about modern view of life. Commercilism. Thanks God, Kate (Mag Ryan) is talking about Soviet. The film poses the question about the boundary between rationality and irrationality. In point of view of human nature, the era we live contains insanity. If you are aware of this, this scares you all. I don't want to spoil anything but so I only say the dog plays very important role, which has nothing to do with romance. And there is some continuation from "The Progress Paradox." Clearly, the moviemaker believes we are less happy. Our lives are not quite right in some ways we don't know. Furthermore if go deep, you might say old buildings are symbols of traditional ways which are largely underappreciated. Boy, the film is quite a biggy, to my complete unexpectation.

This is a fantasy, like a fairy tale. But you know that some tale has this kind of very cynical point. I guess this distastefulness keeps audience, resuling in rather unsuccessful movie. But it is also true that some people enjoy the bitterness, spicyness of Chinese food as I do a lot. I suspect you might enjoy the movie in the way you never anticipated. And yes, the whole point of ad is create new reality like this one.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Well, I am not sure about this film. While entertaining, the film didn't give me much thought. Is it due to the fact artists are more feeling-oriented, love-approarching than philosophers, ethicists, or natural philosophers? Hmm, but the ending was brilliant, while being predictable. I love it.

Monday, April 05, 2004

The Progress Paradox

The book started interesting but fell into boredom. After all, I would say it is one of hundreads of books about how to make you happy. I am sick of that kind lately. The author first shows how virtually every thing is getting better; it is factually true that statistical data shows that we are better one, better than any genereration ever in history, in terms of figures. Then aren't we happy? Apparently the problem with the book is it does give an interesting question but failed to answer it. The most puzzling is the author seems irritated by greedy CEOs. They are perhaps but does it really matter? You cannot be happy as long as the society is not good? I don't buy it. It's called socialism.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

My Life Without Me

I think what she did makes sense. If you were young and knew you are about to die, what is use for telling that to your family and your mother. I don't think it has any ethical problem. The general idea is that not telling the truth is morally wrong, because people close to you have a right to know about it. They have rights because you are not stranger to them.

Oh, actually my head is not working well. I slept too much. One last thing: the movie has very weird Chinese connection. The protagonist likes to hear Chinese radio and there is some reference to Chinese culture somewhere. Or maybe not weird, I just thought. Never mind.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I fluncked my physics exam completely as I was anticipating.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

I would say it's done nicely. The emphasis on comedy and romance aspects of the story is needlessly intentional but I guess it's fine. Kate Hundson is the best for this kind of role.

But, Matthew McConaughey, now he, I would say, is underused. I much like a lawyer he played in Amistad. In this movie, he is nothing but a nice handsome guy. It's fine but he is more than that for sure.

This is a kind of movie you want to go to watch with your girl- or boy-friend. But if you were or if your partner were politically-minded, I don't recommend it.
Have you ever tried a speech recognition program? I have just found MacOS 10.3 has one and it works at least somehow. It is really amazing that the computer recognizes what I am saying. Still however I have to repeat commands a couple of times until the computer understands. But I suspect it would be a really great feature when you are reading something on the computer while lying down on the bed. It is the future you will see.

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