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Saturday, February 28, 2004

The motion picture can be very philosophical, ethical, and Red is a case. It was tiring, exams are tiring, homework problems I worked on today are tiring, contributing to wikipedia is tiring, and designing programming language is daunting task. Ack!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Well guys, "Little Man Tate" is a great movie. That's for sure. A genius knows the answer without looking at problems first or something? Anyway, very interesting is that the movie is rather very normal, usual, conventional. Nothing surprises you. But in the end, it's stunning. Judie Foster plays a mother of very smart kid. She is very normal even ignorant of many things like she can take advantage of his son, Fred. She loves her son and that is all, and he loves it. The message is clear, penetrating. In short, nothing special about the movie and it is splendid. Not mention to character development is excellent, it is kids that look really great. Two young men Fred hung out with are really great. They are so real.

A little thing. Isn't a mother who Judie Foster plays 's hair style strage? She is a beautiful woman and that hair style makes her looks odd, stupid, unsophiscated. Is it intentional or accidental?

Oh, you know it has an audio commentrary done by Judie Foster, who directed the film also as I forgot to mention this. How is it going to be?
Megatokyo Chapter 5 begins

Isn't Kotone cute? It's funny they are talking about colors since strips in Megatokyo are monocrome.
"Emperor's club", I would say, is very surprising even strange movie, and I couldn't deny that it is done with sarcasm. It is about a life--its success and failure. That is, the movie is not about education in what I understand. Cinematography is done beautifully and the movie itself is enjoyable. But it is the plot that has what you probably have never seen before. Well, I didn't like the movie. It has a very clear message, which you can see only in the end, and I guess I disagree with it. It is not recommended.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Oh, I feel so tired today, the first day after the break, and I am going to have three exam Thursday, Friday and next Monday and one more would be sometime next week. Who can help anyway.
Write down this before I forget it. Writing can pin the idea on my head.

There are mainly three ways to compute a reputational operation: iteration, recursion and complex recursion like visitor pattern. Think of a summation of integers as a simple case.

1. Iteration:

int sum = 0
for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++) {
sum += i;

Then sum is going to be 55 as everyone knows. You can mimic this by the tail recursion.

(define (sum n)
(define (iter i result)
(if (<= i n)
(+ i (iter (+ i 1) result))
(iter 0 0))

After all, the tail recursion is equivalent to the iteration.

2. One like a following scheme code:

(define (sum n)
(if (= n 1)
(+ n (sum (- n 1)))))

3. The most interesting one is one with a visitor:

public final class Scratch {
public static interface Tracer {
public void pass (Number n);

public abstract static class Number {
public abstract int n ();
public void trace (Tracer t) { t.pass (this); }

public static int sum;

public final static void main (String args[]) {
one = new Number () { public int n () { return 1; } },
two = new Number () { public int n () { return 2; } },
three = new Number () { public int n () { return 3; } },
four = new Number () { public int n () { return 4; } },
five = new Number () { public int n () { return 5; } };

sum = 0;
Tracer t = new Tracer () {
public void pass (Number n) {
sum += n.n ();
one.trace (t);
two.trace (t);
three.trace (t);
four.trace (t);
five.trace (t);

System.err.println (sum);

For the sake of discussion, this is oversimplified but the point is that "sum += n.n ();" is executed every time an node is visited. It is namely a function object.

And my project is to generalize those three ways.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

''[A] significant portion of our sugar intake is used by the brain.''

Interesting. I am going to have snack to think :)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

It is amazing to know how long one can sleep. It's 12:28 pm and I just woke up. I think I went to the bed at 2 or 3 am yesterday. So this means I have slept about 10 or 9 hours.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I am tired of feeling that people don't understand me because they don't. Native English speakers seem to attribute their inability to my ability to speak English. It is not true. Even when I was in Japan, speaking my native tongue, people often tell me that they don't understand me or once they though they understand me, but later they realized that they don't. Well, you want me to tell you the analysis of this? Then I don't have one. The one thing I can tell you is that you can understand anything is a fantasy. When you though you understand something, you don't. So when you see something that doesn't make sense to you, it is not the fault of the teller but due to the illusion that you had that you understand this stuff. I guess such a realization can really upset you. I guess I can see why Socrates pissed off people. He is not rude but he has an ability to make people feel stupid by letting them realize they really don't know anything once they though they know.

A piece of advice is don't do this to your teachers.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

From my recent Fortune cookies:
* The patience is the key to joy.
* Do not hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems.
* You can undertake and complete anything.
Are those true? Well, the message is obvious; be patient and do not give up. I have been reading a book "The Ph.D Process: A student's Guide to Graduate school in the Science." The funniest thing is that the book is so inclined into chemistry, applied physics like biophysics and biology and medice that it never mentions computer science and mathematics. I guess it's not science after all for most of people. Then what is it?? A philosophy.

Anyway, the book is indeed very good. The greatest is that it has overwhelmingly many quotes from those who went through Ph.D process. Like travling foreign countries, being a king in historical settings. I feel as if I were in a graduate school. The book is highly recommended.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Am I missing something? Due to language barrier, cultural difference or whatever. Le Divorce, does, well I would say, make very little sense. Or French thing is not supported to be practical, pragmatic, rational or what. The movie is basically about how sophiscated, passionate French is. The funniest moment was that a policeman said American never kills for passion but only for money and drugs. Well, maybe true. One little thing. French does sound beautiful, elegant than English for obvious reasons.
Am I missing something? Due to language barrier, cultural difference or whatever. Le Divorce, does, well I would say, make very little sense. Or French thing is not supported to be practical, pragmatic, rational or what. The movie is basically about how sophiscated, passionate French is. The funniest moment was that a policeman said American never kills for passion but only for money and drugs. Well, maybe true. One little French does sound beautiful, elegant than English for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Just a note for readers. My life has been quite dysorganized recently due to that the break has begun last Saturday. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't think can't do anything. My English, instead although, is flowing for the reason I have no idea. I guess I have been losing an ability to detect any gramatical, vocabulatical errors.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Abortion issue is an interesting topic to me. Never before had I thought about abortion and couldn't see why it can be serious. My basic position is that every woman has a right to make a child and not to have a child. And nothing more follows this.
The break has finally saved me from hell. But once saved, I am rather left with too much free time.

Ann and the King, which I have watched last night, is an adequate work I would say without innovation. I had an impression that I am understanding the movie well. I thought if the better I know clearly what they are speaking, the more easily I could listen without much thinking about grammar, vocabular and accent, the better I would enjoy the movie. The review of the movie shows that I am incorrect in this conviction. The review seems to say the character development is weak, as I felt. I see great elements like a widow who refused to live her life, a king who is obliged to fullfill his responsibility as a king thus could not express his self but to her. The plot, I guess, is a little too cluttered. Some characters can be more cleaned up to have the two main characters stand out.

It is interesting to know that I am being analytic though I have enjoyed the movie. The film is still worth to watch. Judie Foster with beautiful dresses is appealing still. After all, she is beautiful besides she is exceptionally smart and hates inequality between men and women.

-- Taku

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

An American splendor is a motion picture that tells a story of comic artist who creates American splendor where he depicts stories that he has encourtered in his ordinary life. The film is much more like documentary film; it features actual Hervay Packer. It was nice movie about a real life. He works as a file clark and starts writing a comic because he wants to do something important, significant. He met his second wife and went through cancer. He writes those everything in his life in his comic book.

Well, what interests me is his wife Joyce, who I though resembles my imagine of Seraphim, a girlfriend of Piro, a creator of Megatokyo. The most and symbolic similarity is that they wear a eyeglass, not mention to some similarity in personality.

One of my friend asked what life is. Well, not sure. Today, I tried not to drink coffee to see if it really hurts my thinking ability in any real sense. I don't know the result is yet, but am hoping that helps me fall asleep easily.

Hervey said the ordinaly life is of real complex and his life is in chaos. I think it is true. In normative ethics, the question is not about language used in argument, or not the correctness of logical reasoning process but whether the given premise is true or false. Looking at a real life is the only way to determine such. So I guess I would rather do metaethics, which is concerned about language and logics, but not truth.

Monday, February 09, 2004

American Beauty is very strange movie. People say it is funny but I didn't find so. The best expression is a strange. I have never seen a movie like that. Kevin Spacey is great as no one disagrees. The movie is all about acting. The plot is flawed completely. The movie is a collection of evil things on suburban lives. Adultery, drug use, sexuallity among teenagers, and metal disease. I guess Spacey can make any movie anything but ordinary, boring, stupid and worthless.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Well, it's hard to keep up with writing on the blog.

Yesterday I watched Europa Europa. Well, it is not quite a good movie. In short, the story keeps jumping around. There are many good posibility of character development but due to a lack of adequate time, it doesn't happen. The film is based on autobiography of one who survived Nazi woe by pretending he is not Jew. It is probably quite difficult to tell everything within 2 hours movie.

One good exception is Julie Delpy. Oh my she is gorgeous.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Recursion considered harmful.

This might be a good topic to look at as a research. Recursion-free code for sure simplifies implementation stuff. But more importantly, recursion prevents code from being inlining. My conviction is that any subprogram, subroutines or functions seen in a source code should not directly be converted into a machine-code-level procedures.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Linus called new Linux release 2.6.2 "Feisty Dunnart." He is Finnish but he understands a culture in the world. Why don't Japanese? I have watched Lost in Translation and I couldn't deny to say that it was not so interesting as I expected. I don't know if I understand characters in the movie. Charlotte, for instance, is always smiling. Is it because she is happy, drunk, or what? They, Bob and Charlotte, are strange. It is interesting to see that they develop no intimate relationship with any of Japanese. They are indistinguished to them, and to me. It is a funny fact that Japanese are so interested in America and American people are always facinated by Japanese nature and culture. I guess they cannot be mixed up. Japanese don't mixup l's and r's, because there is no l's and r's to them. The converse to Americans is true. Americans couldn't see something, and that is a problem.

In meantime, Yutaka Taniyama wrote his suicide note in English. His life and the sad story that her fiancee followed him do not match to those Japanese in LiT at all. In ethics class, we talked about abortion but I felt I was out of place, merely since I am. Abortion is not a legal issue to those Christians. In computer science, mathmatics and physics, nothing, on the contrary, seems to aliness.

A slate magazine has a good review of LiT, which is not listed at netflix ack!! Interestingly enough, the article is named "prisoner of Japan." People don't want to go to a prison because it is outside the society we live. The connect with the society, which is seemingly invinsible, has a tremendous influence on our mind. Sounds collective consciousness? It certainly might be. It is apparent that an individual is not an agent that thinks independently as ethics books talk.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My ethics teacher makes definition very simple. Conscience is mind making judgement. It tells what is right and what is wrong. It, in my opinion, makes human being more than automata. Intelligence is what thinks, but still computers can still think. Then how could one be so pasionate about arguments. Besides technical glitch, what wikipedia suffers from is people who could not be indifferent to matters. Intelligence is a tool that helps conscience functions while extremely sophiscated. You think and what follows is not a solution but judgement and only judgement.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Yutaka Taniyama

In short, he is a Japanese guy who connected number theory and eliptic curve. But what terrifies me is his death. In November 1957, he met a girl, who was to be his fiancee. On November 17, 1958, five days after his birthday, he killed himself, leaving seemingly unresaonable reasons. Couldn't mathematician live understandable life? And his fiancee killed herself soon after that. He didn't understand why he killed himself, neither do I.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

"After all, Nielsen's first law of computer documentation is that users don't read it. The second law is that if they read it anyway, it's because they are in deep trouble and need the answer to a specific problem. Thus, somebody reading a manual won't really read it cover-to-cover, so online presentation makes perfect sense." In Defense of Print

Umm, quite true isn't it?
It's snowing again here Southern Minnesota. Oh, well. Who can help.

I wathced a two-hour long keynote speech done by Steve Jobs today. It is not something more than I had expected, but still the demonstration of GarageBand was cool, and it made me want to buy iLife though 49$ is a bit too expesive too to try out something I am not good at. I make music? Forget it.

I have just found an online bookstore cabobble.com. Well, is there any chance to compete with Amazon, the world's larget book store, more significantly the larget book store we have ever seen? The homepage says it is not just shopping but entertainment, which may be an interesting aspect to look at.

Oh, my god. I just sifting around the Apple Store and iLife was priced with $29 as an education discount. I will buy it. I wanna see what lays in the future of creative life.

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