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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Quantum immortality

Huh, interesting article. Quantum mechanics sure complicates the question of existence. What does it mean by exist? Likewise, what does it mean the existence ceases?

Wikipedia sure is a sea of knowledge.
As searching for mention of wikipedia on the Internet, I have found Japan's copyright law is cited or copied vertism. Umm, it is really bad article. As the author I can say that with confident. I guess I have got to rewrite that significantly.
Well, I am back to Wikipedia. I guess working together is more fun than writing alone. You can expect me more on wikipedia.
I talked with a professor about my research project. I think my idea is getting solidified. I have better understanding, if a bit better, about my idea and where the project is heading for. I have slept after the ethics class, in which I had an exam, until 9:45 pm.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Today's strip at Megatokyo is superb, and it is one that ends the chapter 4. It is apparent, as some other pointed out, megatokyo is heading for a different direction, anything but predictable. Japanese comics tend to be predictable. Love Hina is the case, so is Hikaru no Go, not mention to completely predictable Dragon Ball. Megatoyo, while the influence from the Japnese manga is undeniable, is apparently creative, aetstic, authentic. The drawing is good, if not innovative nor artstic (its monocrhome after all), but the stoyline is really clicking. Piro knows people and stories surroudning them. The populality of his rant attests this fact as well.

I wish there were much more high-quality online comics like Megatokyo.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I don't have much to write about today. I guess I am tired or unconsciouslly want to feel tired to postpone doing homework and preparing for the exam tomorrow. I have napped about for half a hour. Am I the only one who feels sleepy when he is hungry? I was waiting for the dinner time and couldn't resist felling asleep.

I have watched Jurrasic Park III. Aside from the ordinary critique of the movie, which many other have done already, Tea Leoni looked completely different from apparence at Hollywood Ending. She well remined me of her apparence at Deep Impact. What happened her between 2001 (Jurrasic Park) or 2002 (Hollywood Ending). Or maybe it is just an actress's ability to play different characters.

The movie itself was fine. It was shorten than I expected but it was thrilling, enjoyable. I guess the big win is that the movie is about the divorced couple and their search for their lost son. It is conventional theme but easy to understand. It is interesting that a character played by Leoni looked more domestic and caring, though the movie depicts such scenes with obvious purpose to show such settings. I guess I like to see she is such a character than one in Hollywood Ending. To me, it seems that Woodly Allien films lack such feeling of family, domesticity, hospitality. The relationships in the films look always something but outside the family.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

"sync-1.01; andy; I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry."

This is the phrase the Mydoom.B virus, which has been spreading via e-mails on the Internet. I thought it is funny.
I have just watched a movie Panic Room. Well, the movie is fine. Fincher's cinematography is superb as usuall. What bothers me is that how could Jude Foster hate men so much? Women are smart and strong as the protagonist played by Foster and her daughter. Men are stupid and weak, and the end they got stake of course. Couldn't her husband be better? Why does she need to be a girl? Couldn't the son be more interesting? And of course, she doesn't want any guy to live a life with.
I am exhausted. Math homework is really tough, tiring. I couldn't finish it up but I cannot think more with this dizzy brain.

I have read an article in Slate, a critique of TIME's magazine story of sex-slavery in US. The original article was great story but well, it can be flowed.

Have a good night,

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Well, I was told in my senior research class I have to come up with some hypothesis testable. To restate, I cannot just be going to create a system. Well, I can understand that. I have some very tiny working system right now, and I can just show it as the result, writing a piece of paper. I think this is good for me because I can focus on more what I will do and far more importantly not do.

I guess people talk about themselves not to advertise them but to constatly analyze them. Blog can do the same help in the similiar manner.

The New Hapshire primary is going interesting--couldn't be more interesting. An article says voters are more concered about "Iraq, Health Care and Economy." Well, this certainly will spell different from Iowa. Though I am not an expert, couldn't this help Howard Dean?

I have got to get my homework for analysis done by tomorrow, more precisely tomorrow 3. Oh, is that what life is all about, one Clark was talking of. Mathematics, now Mathematics, no candidate talks about it. Funny.
I was listening to stump speeches delivered by Democratic candidates and they are impressive. I was especially moved by Clark's phrase that "if you are fortunate, favored, you must help those who are not fortunate. That is what life is all about and what we believe. The message is not religious. My father, who is non-religious, not even an athenist, would empasize with that message. Isn't this all about ethics? Doesn't this imply the existence of universal ethics? My ethics teacher said conscience is mind making judgement. In other words, it does not make distinction between what is good and what is good and it does between what you think is good and what you think is bad, and you can be very certain about your judgement or certain conscience, which has potential to lead to the extreme without fear or doubtful. My point is that if we come to believe in certain values like ones Mr. Clark said, such judgement is made by our conscience and our conscience has some common parts with others. That is the fact, if whether it is coincident or not is in dispute.
tvspot by the IBM - an ad "the Future is Open" is incredibily cool! It gives me a feeling of sci-fi movie of sorts. But it doesn't make sense: what does linux have to do with this??

Read an article about this ad in slate.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Recently I have bought an audiobook "A history of England" at iTune's Music Store. It was about 20 dollars and is 10! hours long. I have listened so far around 2 hours of them. Listining a book is definitely different experience. Not mention to be great help of learning English, the narration is dramatic and I feel like I am watching a movie or documentary. It is not quite like listening a lecture given by a professor in class. In the past, I bought an audiobook "the second coming of Steve Jobs" and it was brilliant. The only problem is that an audiobook tends to be much more pricy than the book made of paper. Well, it is not unusuall given that the tiny size of market and cost to record. But it has worth to try out and invest. Oh, buying audiobooks is actually part of my plan to reduce goods I have to alleviate the cost of moving. As living in a dorm room, it is inextorable to move at least twice a year. The books are heavy and audiobooks have virtually no space to occupy. Besides, it is non-trivial to carry dozens of books when I am back to Japan, the audiobooks come along with my iBook with no extra weight. I guess E-Books and audiobooks will pay off in the long run.

Have good night,
I couldn't bear sleepyness, though I still have homework of intro analysis for Wed. Well, I can try it later. Can't I? I have to make proofs but they don't look so terrible hard.

The development of Boo is going really great. It now supports java's BigInteger can be calculated just like int values. I am going to write code so that the Boo compiler can transform Boo embedded in C into C code too. I am expecting I can use the BigNum library that Ruby uses.
It is snowing today. The landscape covered by snowfalling is really beautiful.

Matz, in his blog, is again talking about trais, which is a collection of first class methods. It is yet another way to minimize inheritances and reduce the harm of complex class hierarchy.

Oh, the nicest thing about snowing is that it causes the bus to be delayed. What else could be greater than that.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

The diary made by Okuji, a Japanese maintainer of GRUB. Umm, there are so many new things happening as I got stuck to study every day. It is nice to know interesting things a lot all of a sudden.



Well, enbug, again, is a new word meaning entering bugs. See the above site for more.

Georg's Brave GNU World

From enbug, I remember about Brave GNU World. Oh, this is nigthmare of the Interent. One new interesting thing leads to a dozne of more things. I've got to read all of them. Well no time to do that.
From http://www.rubyist.net/~matz/20031201.html

Yet another JVM-based OOP programming language
It looks really nice. I love the way programmers can write a Java program with more rich syntax like a list that can be defined as follows:

data = ["name": "James", "location": "London"]

It's very handy indeed.
Well, I guess first I can start gathering information Matz has amassed so far.

Scala - language
According to Matz, it is awared as the language of the year in ruby-talk. Not yet to sift through the language specification.

Soopy - language designed by Japanese
It doesn't look interesting. What is the use?
Start blog, inspired by Matz's diary, which is written in Japanese. He is a famous creator of Ruby programming language. His diary has a lot of references about new languages that I have never seen and is apparantely watched by many people, well many "Japanese" people. I am notoriosly not good at maintaing this kind of diary of sort but it is a challenge. Well, I am not like Matz so this diary is probably going to be philosophical, meta-philosophical and non-sense in the end. But anyway I try to write as much as I can.

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